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Find your tribe

Feed your soul

Grow your roots


By Founder & Creator, Dana Kay

The most wild intoxication belongs to the newly sprouted seed


With the first glimpse of sky

It’s all too easy to believe that we belong only to the light

It’s all too easy to forget that not once in the history of the earth

Has a tree ever grown from the sky


In our wild longing towards the light

We curse the ground that nurtured sight


Craving blossom and juice

We forget we are more than just flowers and fruits

We are leaves and stem and stalk and ROOTS


Beautiful roots

Ancient wild roots

Penetrating deep, anchoring to earth

Lineage of life in dirt


Earthbound things all connected by this common need for ground

All intertwined beneath the surface

This buried web of life holding our shared birthright


It is in our roots that we remember 

Those who planted the seeds of us

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Living things bowing down 

Becoming fertile ground for more living things

Our rooted darkness holding our destiny

Pushing us always towards our own blossoming


This rooted uprising

Both love song and battle cry

We cling to earth and reach for sky

And exist always in both

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